May 8th, 2008



I saw a MiniCooper today with a license plate: LTSAFN. My first thought was Lt. Safin, due to reading too many military science fiction books in the last couple days! Besides, it was Lt. Jane Sagan not Safin! It's a MiniCooper, it's lots of fun!!

I've been experimenting with getting better gas mileage in the truck. I've heard that by taking the tailgate off you have less wind resistance and can improve 1 - 2 mpg. I've also heard that leaving the tailgate on doesn't decrease your mileage because the tailgate creates a cushion of air in the bed that the wind flows over. So which one is correct?
Over the course of the previous 6 fillups, 3 with the tailgate off and 3 with it on, my averages are 10.59 mpg with the tailgate off and 10.79 with the tailgate on. Not really much of a difference either way unless you're running on fumes!

An SUV with the license plate: KATEE. Not hard to figure that one out!

The truck passed DEQ first time through with no problems at all. That registers the truck and camper through 2010!