June 14th, 2008

As easy as Pi

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Saturday is so NOT the day to oversleep at the campground. Everyone and their uncle pulled in last night and though the campground is by no means full, the sites around me - close to the beach access trail - are now occupied. Possibly because they also have cable hookups! Fortunately, 6:30 am is still a little early for them to be up but I'm missing half the daylight. *I've told you a million times not to exaggerate* hahaha
I was talking to an older gentleman in the campground about various subjects and it turns out he used to be an avid backpacker. You should get a laugh from this one, zebulen. It seems that I'm not camping here, I'm trailering! lol He does have a good point though. Camping used to be a sleeping bag, a tent (optional), and cooking over a campfire. Now we're pulling a house on wheels with us. It's not so much camping as just getting away from "home."
We also talked briefly on gas prices. He says one of the problems is that the CAFE standards are required to work on 49 different types of gas, for each states environmental regulations. (And here I thought that gas was gas!) That's why auto manufacturers have a harder time increasing fuel efficiency unlike computer technology that almost makes them old before you can get them out of the box.

The picture this morning is from the top of Cardiac Hill:

A steep walk up to the lodge with wifi access!

The plan today is for Munson Creek Falls this morning and if the weather stays clear, the Mt. Hebo Viewpoint this afternoon.