August 13th, 2008


never start a good book you know you won't be putting down!

Oh man, I knew I shouldn't have started the book so late in the evening. Phantom Prey by John Sandford is another one of his can't put it down 'til you know who did it books. Fortunately, you usually find out about half way through and then it turns from a mystery to a thriller as Davenport closes in. Good place to stop and get some sleep...but first a quote for sillyliss She had an Ole and Lena accent from Northern Minnesota, but had dark eyes and hair that seemed more Middle Eastern than Nordic. Thanks to you, I know who Ole and Lena are! lol And now that I've gotten up and walked around a little, I'm gonna read just a little bit longer...probably end up finishing the book!


I got an estimate from the Bookcase Factory for some bookcases I want along a basement wall. Just thought I'd see how much they'd charge compared to what I could build them for myself. Yeah, I know it'll be cheaper to do it myself but whoa, I can make 5 bookcases for what they charge to build 1. That's not gonna happen.
I just have to find the time to do it - this winter after the barbeque season is over, we aren't having so much overtime, and it's way too cold out in the garage to work! Nice. lol