October 2nd, 2008


Home projects

The curtains were hung over the windows with care,
in hopes that the heat would stay in there.
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The project for my weekend is done - weatherproofing. They say a lot of heat is lost through window glass and that even sheer curtains are better than no curtains at all for retaining heat inside the house during those long, cold winter months. So I'm getting prepared for the record cold winter that they've been predicting....for the last ten years!!!

I've got some top down/bottom up blinds on order for the front of the house but that's more a privacy issue than anything else. Too many people walking by after dark and glancing through my windows. Hate that. Now I'll be able to close the bottom half so passerbys can't look in but I'll still be able to see out the top half and not have that closed in, claustrophobic feeling.

September books

September was definitely not book month for me! A grand total of 7 books read this month and four of those were while I was on vacation!

No new authors this month, just latest in series I've been keeping up on.

Stephenie Meyer tops the list with 2 books.
Breaking Dawn concludes the Twilight series. ya, fantasy, paranormal
The Host Romantic science fiction
Both of these were very, very good.

Eoin Colfer has the latest Artemis Fowl
The Time Paradox ya
I was a bit disappointed with this one. I thought it would tie in with the last book but he went off on a completely different time travel course.

Terri Farley latest Wild Horse Island
Water Lily
Reading the series along with my niece

Linda O. Johnston her latest pet-sitter book
Double Dog Dare mystery
A bit disappointed with this one too. It's another one of those mysteries where the relationship continues to go back and forth. Fish or cut bait. I may try one more if I see it.

Mary Daheim & her latest Bed & Breakfast mystery.
Vi Agra Falls mystery
A lot better than the last few have been but she needs some new characters to give the series some life. Joe's ex-wife once again moves back to town, this time with a new husband - the son of her deceased last husband, who left her everything in his will.

Kate Wilhelm next to latest Barbara Holloway mystery. (I missed seeing it when it came out last year. :(
A Wrongful Death mystery
A very, very good book! Barbara's getaway is disturbed by a woman left for dead in the woods. When she comes back from getting help, the woman and her young son are gone. Then her father calls and tells her to get back to Eugene before she's accused of kidnapping that young grandson of a prominent family.
I'm now reading the next one and it's just as g☺☺d!