October 24th, 2008

Spock Strange

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They put up some new signs at work for the school tours this year.
Capacity: 16,800 buns
Length: 1/2 mile conveyor
from the depanner to the slicer
Run time: 22 minutes
I didn't know it was that long!

Why do they decide to start their remodeling projects on a Friday. One week its the shower in the basement mens room. They got all the fixtures off and the walls torn out by the end of the day. Oops, sorry, we don't work weekends, we'll finish it up next week. Thanks guys. The next week, it's the toilets and sinks. They got 'em all out by the end of the day and put an Out of Order sign on the door. Thanks guys. Nobody works weekends here anyway. Where do they find these people? And why do they hire them?