December 10th, 2008


Novembers books

For someone who claims not to care too much for the vampire genre I sure seem to be reading quite a bit of it lately. I just finished all 4 books (so far) in the Anna Strong, vampire series by Jeanne C. Stein. Very good series that I rated a 4 out of 5 on Goodreads. But that's for December and this is November's books. ☺

One new author for the month, Terri Persons. Blind Spot is the first in a series about a psychic FBI agent - she can see through a killer's eyes. But the catch is that she can't always interpret what she sees correctly and this leads to mistrust from her bosses and so she's moved from place to place. Now she's in Minnesota and her new boss is fascinated with the idea of a psychic agent on his payroll.
It's a fairly good book with a lot of ooo-ooo twists and surprises. Strange, spine-tingling but not spooky.

Jack O'Brien was an author I loved as a kid and I recently discovered he had a couple more books in his Silver Chief series, Silver Chief's Revenge. RCMP and his Husky always get their man!

Kelly McCullough the latest two in his Greek Gods fantasy. Cybermancy continues where Webmage left off and Ravirn, a descendant of the 3 Fates breaks into Hades to save his girlfriends webgoblin. But can he get himself out alive? Codespell has Raven trying to stay out of Zeus' crosshairs while fixing the mweb (transporter) virus that everyone thinks was his doing.
Very good books and I'm looking forward to another one.

Jennifer Chiaverini The Quilter's Kitchen is the latest Elm Creek Quilt novel and kind of disappointing. The story is about the remodeling of the Manor's kitchen and each 12 or so page chapter is about 5 pages of story and 7 pages of recipes.

The last 4 books are rereads of Mike Shepherd's Kris Longknife science fiction series in preparation for the new book that was coming out in November. Mutineer, Deserter, Defiant, Resolute were the 4 books I got to this month. I couldn't find Audacious on my bookshelf - it must be packed away in a box somewhere while waiting for me to build some new bookshelves - and I had to wait for the Library to get it in. All very good books reminiscent of Elizabeth Moon's Vatta's War series.

This can't be real

I turned the hot water on the kitchen faucet to find only a trickle of water coming from the tap. Huh? The water heater is only 5 years old, it can't have sprung a leak already. If it's flooded the books! NOOOO. Run downstairs to find the floor dry but my relief is shortlived when I find the deadbolted back door standing wide open and my as-yet-unpacked boxes of out-of-print children's books GONE. AAIIIIEEEEE. This can't be happening. Who do I call? The door looks fine. How'd they get the deadbolt open without a key. I put in new locks when I moved in and the only person besides me who has a key is my parents and they would not loan the key out to anyone. What are the police going to do? There's probably not much they can do besides look around and make a report. What an awful feeling. It felt much like the times I walked out of work to find my truck gone only worse 'cause I'd never be able to replace some of these books. I never did find out what was wrong with the hot water heater because I rolled over and woke up. I never should have gone back to bed this morning! I think this nightmare is telling me to get my rear in gear and build those bookshelves.

Driveby music

Carollors driving by tonight in a pickup, complete with trumpet and tuba players in the back, stopping at every fourth house to sing. It sounds like somebody has gotten into the Christmas spirits a little early this year! Fruitcake or Rum Cake? :D