May 11th, 2009

Pirate Flag

new shoes!

I knew I shouldn't have lifted it by myself yesterday but I got tired of waiting for help, wanting to get out of work and I paid for it today with a sore back. Stretched it out and it feels better now but I didn't get on the elliptical today. Tomorrow is a must.

I just hate it when I catch myself doing something that irritates me in others. I walked by 3 soon-to-be problems without even seeing them. Two of them while on the way to fix a separate one but I still should have seen and pointed it out to the foreman.

And saving the best for last - new shoes! The bakery has a new "sure grip" program for dealing with slips and falls. They paid over half of the cost of my new Steel Toed Boots ordered through them. I can't beat the price of $18 for a pair of brand new steel toed boots!