May 12th, 2009


Tamora Pierce

A young adult fantasy author comes to town and sure enough, lots of young people there! :D Many in costumes - one complete with homemade bow and quiver of arrows. Lady Knight!
She started out reading from her newest book in an awful droning monotone worse than what you heard from Windows 98. Coughs, drinks some water, read a second paragraph. Third time she comes back to the microphone and instead of reading says she loves to do that at the start and watch all the frozen faces and fidgeting people as they sit there thinking they've got the Author From Hell and that it's going to be an interminable hour. They're all going to be found as mouldering skeletons coverd in cobwebs after dying of boredom. :D
It was fun and interesting. She spent about 45 minutes answering questions and it was another 1.25 hours before I got my book signed. Wish I'd known she was signing up to five books though only personally signing one. I would have brought both Trickster and Beka Cooper books along with Will of the Empress.