April 8th, 2010


March Books

It's been a busy week but I'm almost all caught up now. Headache gone, taxes done, holiday over, work is still a pain but that's not gonna go away until I retire!, bed and bath cleaned including folding and putting away clothes instead of living out of the basket!, and all the shopping done except for the Amazon order.
I picked up the new Hollows book and am reading that now along with watching Doctor Who Series 4. Both due back at the same time...haha Anywho, last month's books, yes?

Rachel Caine Unknown #2 in Outcast Season, a Weather Wardens universe series.

Dana Stabenow Powers of Detection Anthology of mystery stories in a fantasy setting.

Dana Stabenow A Night Too Dark #17 in the Kate Shugak series.
Joanne Fluke Apple Turnover Murder #13 in the Hannah Swenson (cookie shop) series.
Robert W. Walker City for Ransom #1 in the Inspector Alastair Ransom series. This is a historical mystery trilogy, I believe. Based in 1893 Chicago during the first World's Fair.
Phillip Margolin local author! Fugitive #5 in his Amanda Jaffe series

T. T. Flynn The Man from Laramie This was my Dad's book from so long ago and I don't know how many times I've reread it but still - oh, so good. I was in a Western mood and that seemed to take care of it. The other 4 books I brought up, I ended up taking back downstairs. I also brought up one of Mom's old romance books but I didn't finish it until April 1 so that'll be on next month's post! haha