James (katsurian) wrote,

Jan. & Feb. books

I just realized I haven't made a monthly book list yet this year so without further ado...
Kris Neri The Rose in the Snow is a book of short stories including one story featuring her mystery series mystery author Tracey Eaton.
Talia Gryphon Three books so far in what turned out to be a paranormal romance series. Key to Conflict, Key to Conspiracy, Key to Redemption Gillian Key semi-retired from the Marine Special Forces to become a reknowned Paramortal psychologist whose clients include vampires, werewolves, and ghosts.
Maria V. Snyder Fire Study is the third fantasy book in her Study trilogy.
Yelena strives to end the conflict between two countries before it breks out into open warfare.
Patricia Briggs Moon Called, Blood BoundM are the first two books in her Mercy Thompson fantasy series. Mercy Thompson is an auto mechanic, a walker who can shift into a coyote, and very good friends with the leader of the local werewolf pack.

Patricia Briggs Iron Kissed is the third book continued from the last month. I'm starting the fourth book this month!
Lee Wallingford Cold Tracks, Clear-Cut Murder A two book series set here in the Willamette Valley featuring an ex-cop and a fire dispatcher.
Shirley Damsgaard The Witch's Grave The latest #6 Ophelia and Abby mystery.
Alex Archer Polar Quest The latest #16 Rogue Angel fantasy.
Alice Kimberly The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion The latest #5 Haunted Bookshop mystery.
Rachel Caine Lord of Misrule The latest #5 Morgansville Vampires ya fantasy.
Dana Stabenow Whisper to the Blood The latest #16 Kate Shugak mystery.
Julie Hyzy Hail to the Chef The latest #2 White House Chef mystery.
Sharon Short Death of a Domestic Diva The first of a series and I gave up on it halfway through.
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