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book finished: The Extremes

I just finished The Extremes by Christopher Priest. I rate it a 6.
Teresa Simons was widowed when her husband, an FBI agent, was killed in a small Texas town by a gunman on a shooting spree.
Born in England, Teresa returns to the country in hopes of coming to terms with her loss. In the small town of Bulverton on the south coast, she discovers a shocking coincidence: Bulverton also suffered the horror of a lone gunman on a killing spree.
Both episodes of mass murder occurred on the same June day.
With no explanation for this mysterious coincidence, Teresa is drawn to the virtual-reality world of Extreme Experience. She had trained previously with ExEx for her own work in government intelligence, but nothing has prepared her for the new technology...or for the corresponding effects it will have.

I definitely did NOT like the ending of this book, the last 90 pages were really confusing. Out of the several scenarios I had envisioned for the ending of this book, in my opinion he chose the worst. It leaves the reader with many unanswered questions and no resolution.

I'm currently reading Califia's Daughters by Leigh Richards (Laurie R. King) and #19Amendment of Life by Catherine Aird.
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