James (katsurian) wrote,

Work humor

My first day back after a weeks vacation and they've got a new note up on the board. One of the managers fell down the stairs and hurt his knee so they've posted a notice about always having three points of contact while going up or down stairs - or, hold onto the railing!

Last year as someone left the building, they got hit by a car so a sign went up by the door - Look both ways before crossing the street. That wasn't enough for them though, they painted a crosswalk from the door to the parking lot across the street and put up a Stop sign in the middle of the block!

They installed electronic door locks that takes a photo id security badge to open, issued the badges, and put up a note telling us to wear them at all times while in the building - on your belt or in your pocket as long as it's not above your waste. Terrific spellers down there, huh?
Tags: work

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