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Basement leak fixed?

I think I've finally figured out where the water's seeping into the basement so tomorrow during the warm weather it's out with the patching cement so it's got a chance to dry before the rain hits on Thursday!...or Wed. night :(
I've got to hurry though because I'm headed for Powells Bookstore to see Portland author April Henry at 7 talking about her new books - maybe. I've never been to one of these before, always talking myself out of it. It's the same with the sci-fi conventions. Too crowded, too far to drive, no place to park, too many people, too tired after work...the list goes on.
What's the name for a fear of crowds? I'm not exactly agoraphobic because I do leave the house - just not very often for new experiences. Claustrophobic, on the other hand, let's just say with a basement I don't have to worry about crawling under the house! :D


Apr. 8th, 2009 12:37 pm (UTC)
She was fine. I just felt very awkward seeming to be the only one there who didn't know her in real life. Being shy, introverted, and tongue-tied probably didn't help much either. :s
I don't think I can entirely blame it on 20 plus years of working nights with just a handful of people either since I'm the only one I know of who didn't get to sent to their room when they got into trouble as a kid but was grounded to the living room.

*crosses fingers* I hope that got it. But I guess I'll be finding out this month! lol
*Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like...*

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