James (katsurian) wrote,

This turned into a very long day when I woke up at 1 am, 3 am, & then 4 am when the alarm went off. The bakery closed in on 90 degrees inside as the outside temperature rose into the 70s and 2 of my coworkers had a couple swing shift people come in early for them. So I'd look up, see them and think it was almost time to go home. No, not yet, an hour and a half to go. Hot, tired, and watching the clock is not a good combination to help the day go by fast!

I got the cracks patched where I think the water's seeping in at but won't know for sure until the spring rains hit. April showers bring May flowers. Do you know what May flowers bring? :D

Then I called Mom to see if she wanted to go see April Henry with me since she liked the Claire Montrose series too but she was too tired tonight. So I drove downtown to Powells Books, got confused with all the new construction they've put in since the last time I was downtown, and found myself blocked by Portland State University. Finally got to Powells only to discover she's at the Beaverton branch...and it's 6:57. Needless to say, I was late. :(

I stopped at the Winco in the same shopping center as Powells so I wouldn't have to go tomorrow and oh, my, what a terrible store. It was filthy and the things I was after had expiration dates a week away. Give me the East side any day. They've got people constantly sweeping and with fresh produce on the shelves, not things that have been sitting in the cooler for 2 weeks.

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