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QQ oops!

Well, I got my baking done; not that it turned out well. Grr|
I must not have been completely awake yet because I hit the wrong button on the oven. You can't bake brownies on convection roast...it must be convection bake or bake. Needless to say...the top and bottom are done! and the inside's...not quite soup. So sad, too bad, don't do it again! They still taste good though. The casseroles turned out well but the cookies...I didn't add the extra flour needed for substituting butter for shortning and they spread way out. They're okay, just not what I like: crispy cookies instead of chewy cookies. That's what I get for making a different kind of choc. chip cookie than I usually do and NOT updating the old recipe before starting.

On the plus side, I found out that with a convection oven I can bake 2 trays at once. Use the 2nd & 4th shelves and get done twice as fast! *Happy dance!*

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