James (katsurian) wrote,

Wiis online or not

This morning was spent trying to get my parents Wii online. I tried last week and hit some kind of router security with an unknown password so I couldn't get in to change the settings. A little research, and wallah - I ended up having to create a NEW wireless security netweork, rechange the Wii settings again, then add the Wii mac adress into the router.
Then the cable company went offline. How am I supposed to check if the Wii can go online when the Internet's down? Dad just called saying it's back up after 3 hours. Their pcs are online but the Wii isn't. :( It was online when it was an unsecured connection so it's just a matter of finding which security setting has to be tweaked.
Meanwhile, I've got some brownies and rocky road ice cream calling my name! :D

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