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Wiis online or not

This morning was spent trying to get my parents Wii online. I tried last week and hit some kind of router security with an unknown password so I couldn't get in to change the settings. A little research, and wallah - I ended up having to create a NEW wireless security netweork, rechange the Wii settings again, then add the Wii mac adress into the router.
Then the cable company went offline. How am I supposed to check if the Wii can go online when the Internet's down? Dad just called saying it's back up after 3 hours. Their pcs are online but the Wii isn't. :( It was online when it was an unsecured connection so it's just a matter of finding which security setting has to be tweaked.
Meanwhile, I've got some brownies and rocky road ice cream calling my name! :D


May. 21st, 2009 07:53 pm (UTC)
In the lower left hand corner, click on Wii Options, then Wii settings, Internet, Connection settings and choose either the one you set up or which type you'd like to set up. If you choose wireless, it has a Search for Access Point and searches for all available wireless connections. Choose the one that's yours! and press test this connection. If you're online it'll give you a code and ask if they can update their system - You're Online! :D Otherwise it'll give you an error code and say they can't connect.

I don't know how to play other people online yet either.

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