James (katsurian) wrote,

April books

Continuing in my bad habit of NOT posting last months books at the beginning of the next month, here's my whole, huge list of books I read in April.

Alex Archer Eternal Journey is the 17th book in his Rogue Angel series. This series is beginning to get old. Annja Creed, inheritor of Joan of Arc's mystical sword has gone from finding trouble in archeological settings to fighting terrorists. It still has lots of action and sword fights but no interesting archeological trivia facts. Disappointing.

David Weber Continuing rereading the Honor Harrington series on my way to the new book. Numbers 7-9 and spinoff - In Enemy Hands, Echoes of Honor, Ashes of Honor, Crown of Slaves

And that's my whole list for April - 5 books. What was I doing???? It sure wasn't reading!
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