James (katsurian) wrote,

House hunting

No, I'm not moving! :) My folks are looking for a new house. I toured one with them this morning that's not too far from my place. It was built in 1968 and looked like it still had just about the original everything! Bright turquoise countertops in the kitchen with a double Hotpoint wall oven. Cracked and missing linoleum on the kitchen floor and threadbare carpets throughout the rest of the house. The backyard was filled with berry vines and grass higher than my waist! It looked like the only thing they did to the house since it was built was to paint the main bathroom...black! Black walls, black ceiling, and a red countertop with a couple spotlights shining down above the mirror. Very nice! lol I need some black paint. They're asking way too much for all the work needed on that house. Needless to say, pass, they'll keep looking.

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