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May Books

Six books this month. :( Where, oh where has my reading time gone?

Carolyn G. Hart with her 19th Death on Demand story, Dare to Die
Annie and Max Darling are throwing a house warming party for their new home, only a glitch in the construction has them holding it elsewhere. Annie's party invitation to their motel neighbor leads to murder when it turns out that this stranger is a former native to Broward's Rock and known but not loved by all the Darling's friends.
This long-running series hasn't grown old to me and I'm still looking forward to the next one!

Tamora Pierce Terrier was a reread for me as the 2nd book in the Tortall Legend just came out. Bloodhound continues on where Terrier left off. Beka Cooper has finished her Puppy year and is now a full-fledged Dog patrolling the streets of the Lower City. Counterfeit coins are showing up with increasing regularity and Beka and her partenr Clary Goodwin are chosen to go undercover and discover what they can.
Both are fantastic reads.

David Weber War of Honor is the 10th book in the Honor Harrington series and another reread as I work my way up to the newest one!

Alex Archer Sacrifice is the 18th Rogue Angel book and Annja Creed is fighting terrorists more than she's doing archaeological work. Still lots of action with Joan of Arc's mystical sword but I'm getting a bit disappointed in the plots. I want more archaeological, mythological facts and trivia and less terrorists.

John Sandford Wicked Prey is also the 19th book in his Lucas Davenport "Prey" books. The Republican Party have come to St. Paul for their convention and so has a crew of professional armed robbers who scent big money in the air. And if that's not enough, a psycho holding a grudge against Davenport targets Letty, Lucas' adopted daughter, as a means of revenge.
Excellent, excellent read though not for the faint-of-heart!
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