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Chapter and Hearse and Other Stories finished

I just finished #20 Chapter and Hearse and Other Stories by Catherine Aird. I rate it an 8.
A wealthy business has died under mysterious circumstances. A Christmas with the family provides more drama than could be expected. A girl accuses the hospital of killing her grandmother. In sixteenth –century Scotland, the death of a clansman is not what it appears.
From the investigations of Inspector C. D. Sloan and his enthusiastic, all-too-constant, but not very helpful sidekick Constable Crosby of the Calleshire C.I.D. to the travails of Henry Tyler of the Foreign Office, from the mysterious Malcolm Venables of the Secret Service to Sheriff Rhuaraidh Macmillan of sixteenth-century Scotland, Catherine Aird’s latest collection of literate, delightful tales takes the reader through the full range of crime and punishment.

These were some exceptional short stories; not your usual murder mysteries, with several stories not even dealing with crime. Several of these surprised a good laugh out of me!

I'm currently reading Califia's Daughters and have one more Catherine Aird book left to read: #21 Hole In One before starting the 2 Patricia Rushford series. I'll also be starting The Prestige by Christopher Priest once I finish the last C. D. Sloan book.
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