James (katsurian) wrote,

June books

Once again I haven't been reading much this month.

SciFi/Fantasy books
David Weber Shadow of Saganami, At All Costs I finished up the Honor Harrington series rereads in June to finally start the new book, Storm from the Shadows, this month!
Tanya Huff The Enchantment Emporium I haven't read a Tanya Huff book that I didn't like though the beginning of this one almost made an exception. Once past the first couple chapters though I sailed through it. Alysha Gale inherits her Grandmother's "junk" shop. What she doesn't realize 'til she gets there is that she'll be serving the "fey" community and just what kind of trouble is brewing in Calgary. I rate it a 4.

Laurie R. King The Language of Bees This is the 9th book in the Mary Russell, Sherlock Holes series. After seven months of traveling through four exhausting cases, Mary and Sherlock are finally headed home. And they have a small mystery of Sherlock's disappearing bee colony. But their anticipated homecoming is marred by the appearance of Sherlock's son, Damian Adler, with a request for help in finding his missing wife and child.
A very good book in the series that I rated a 4 because I didn't like the ending. This story is not over and will be continued in the next book.
Ann Granger Rattling the Bones This is the 7th book in her Fran Varady series. Fran is an actress and part-time private detective in London. Fran runs across a bag lady from her old neighborhood and stops to chat. But Edna gets spooked and hurries off. Fran's sure that something's wrong about the young man watching them. Finding the dead body a couple days later puts Fran once again right in the hot seat. Excellent book I rate a 5.
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