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August books

Mostly mysteries read this month and I've got to get off the computer and read more. I'm getting farther and farther behind every day on my tbr shelves.

Mary Stanton (aka Claudia Bishop) Defending Angels & Angel's Advocate
The first 2 books in herBeaufort & Company series.
Brianna Winston-Beaufort inherits her uncle's law practice in the most haunted city in the world - Savannah, Georgia. Her first case comes from a local business man who calls her hours after his suspicious death. Bree, of course, hasn't a clue how that could have happened but her new employees take it as business as usual. Her client needs her help to not only find his murderer but to prove him innocent of the charge of Greed - in the Celestial Court.
These aren't as quirky as her Hemlock Falls series (written as Claudia Bishop) and I like them a lot more. I rate them 5 out of 5.

Mary Daheim The Alpine Traitor
#20 in the Emma Lord or Alpine Advocate series.
Emma is shocked to discover that someone's is ruthlessly trying to takeover the Advocate.
It's another good book in this series. Also rated 5.

Linda O. Johnston Never Say Sty
#7 in the pet-sitter series
Kendra's new reality show, Amimal Auditions, becomes a nightmare when one of the judges is found strangled and one of the suspects is her cop friend and his sister.
It's a pretty good book in the series though I'm getting tired of all the ups and downs of her love life. I rated it a 4.

Sarah Graves A Face at the Window
#12 in the Home Repair is Homicide series.
Jacobia is sure that her mother's murderer, whose trial is soon coming up, has come to Maine to kill her.
I had a very hard time getting into this book. It didn't feel like the other books in her series and I don't care too much for it. I rate it a 3.

Donna Andrews Swan for the Money
#11 in her Meg Langslow series.
Meg finds herself roped into organizing a rose show, a product of her parents new hobby - growing roses. But she soon finds herself investigating several attempts on the life of the rose show's wealthy sponsor.
Another very good book in the series. I rate it a 5.

Sammi Carter Sucker Punch
#5 in her Candy Shop series.
With Valentine's Day fast approaching, Abby really doesn't have time to audition in a friend's local theater production. But then the musical director is murdered and a good friend is the chief suspect and Abby finds herself a part of the show as she tries to clear her friend's name. Includes candy recipes!
This is the best book so far in the series. I rate it a 4.

Rachel Caine Cape Storm
#8 in the Weather Warden series.
Running from a malevolent hurricane was NOT Joanne Baldwin's idea of a romantic honeymoon but Bad Bob thought this was his best chance to take out the Wardens and it's up to Jo and David to prove him wrong.
Another good book in the series and leaves you once again breathless for the next book. Obviously rated a 5, eh?

Leonard S. Marcus The Wand in the Word Recommended to me by thirzajane
This is really a nonfiction book with interviews of several fantasy authors like Tamora Pierce (reading it reminded me of the time I saw her at Powells), Brian Jacques (whose books I now want to read), Susan Cooper, and Garth Nix to name a few.
It's a very interesting book.
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