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September Books

Vicki Pettersson City of Souls #4 in the Signs of the Zodiac
Joanna's life just keeps getting better. The war against the Shadows isn't going well. In order to fix her mistake, Joanna must travel to Midheaven, where the price of admission is a piece of her soul. And even then, there's no guarantee that the answers given will be of any help to her.
Good book but I hope it doesn't go through all 12 zodiac signs. I rated it a 4.

Alex Archer Footprints #20 in the Rogue Angel series.
Annja's old college friend enlists her help, claiming she has evidence of Big Foot's existence. Annja arrives at the campsite to find her friend gone and a group of armed men warning the other members of the expedition into the Pacific Northwest forest to leave the area.
Pacific Northwest location AND Big Foot? What's not to like? Loved it! Obviously rated it a 5.

Kim Harrison The Outlaw Demon Wails #6 in The Hollws/Rachel Morgan series.
Rachel's demon nemesis is being summoned from his jail cell by someone who wants to see Rachel dead. Rachel has a pretty long list of suspects since she's a well-known top-rated bounty hunter and plenty of beings would like to see her gone.
Plenty of twists in this story to keep the series interesting! Rated 5.

Earl Emerson Cape Disappointment #12 in the Thomas Black series
Thomas Black works for the Republican senator-to-be. His wife works for the Democratic one. Taking a getaway on the Washington coast to clear the air and get themselves back on track, Kathy is asked to join her senator when one of the other members gets sick. Thomas sees her off and looks on in horror as the plane explodes out over the ocean.
It was rather disappointing too. The story kept jumping back and forth in time leaving me confused at times wondering what was going on. Not to mention that after 10 years, I don't really remember the series that well. I rated it a 2.

J. A. Jance Fire and Ice #19 in the Beaumont series AND #13 in the Joanna Brady series. This is the 2nd book where two of her series characters once again meet.
Good book that I rated a 5.

John J. Lamb The Treacherous Teddy #5 in the Bear Collector's series.
Local farmer done in by arrow. Was it a hunting accident or murder? Lots of puns in this humorous series left me in stitches! Rated 6 of 5. :D Read it, you'll love it!

Anthony Horowitz Stormbreaker First book in the British YA series.
Quick read. Kind of reminds me of a spy version of The Hardy Boys. Rated 4.



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Oct. 3rd, 2009 05:27 pm (UTC)
Ahh, this reminds me. I have yet to do my September reading report AND I have yet to read The Treacherous Teddy. Nice to know there's something good to look forward to.

Tee hee. Anthony Horowitz. Must read the rest of the series.
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