James (katsurian) wrote,

Candy & Books

I get home from work today and find sitting on my front porch a small pamphlet with a miniature Almond Joy candy bar holding it down. Okay, that's nice. My porch faces west and it's late afternoon when I get home. I'm sure you can guess what kind of shape that candy bar was in - liquified! At least it didn't burst the wrapper.

October book order through amazon:
Wow, most of the hardcover prices have dropped by a third!
Katherine Hall Page - Faith Fairchild series
#18 The Body in the Sleigh
She's a caterer and minister's wife. Includes recipes! :D

Marcia Muller - Sharon McCone series
#28 Locked In
She owns her own PI agency.

Carolyn G. Hart - Bailey Ruth Raeburn series
#2 Merry, Merry Ghost
She's a ghost!

Charlaine Harris - Harper Connelly series
#4 Grave Secret
She was struck by lightning and talks to dead people.

JoAnna Carl - Chocoholic mysteries
#8 The Chocolate Snowman Murders
Chocolate shop! Includes recipes! :D

Not sure which one of the first four I want to read first! Maybe whichever one shows up first? haha

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