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short stories

Unbound is a collection of short stories set within each author's series.
Kim Harrison has a story about Jenks, the pixie, who has a job on his own instead of partnering with Rachel Morgan or Ivy Tamwood.
Jeaniene Frost I've never read before but her story is about Bones, a "good" vampire and partner to Cat Crawfield, on his own in New Orleans. I may check these out at the Library next year if I don't forget about them. haha
Vicki Pettersson has the back story of JJ, introduced in the fourth Sign of the Zodiac series.
Jocelynn Drake has a short story of Mira, the main character in her Dark Days series. This one made me want to pull books 2 and 3, which I picked up last week, off the TBR shelf and start them right now!
melissa_writing Melissa Marr is another I've never read before but has been recommended by a couple newsgroups I read. This is does not appear to be related to her series. It's the story of Eavan, granddaughter of a glaistig matriarch, who wants to stay human. An interesting story but I won't be looking for others.

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