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Pet peeve

I received some posts in a couple newsgroups I checked before heading off to bed and doesn't anyone know how to spell any more? Do they think because it's online they don't need to use correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, or anything? I ended up reading the one thing three times to get it to make sense. I absolutely, positively hate that. To top it all off, they're book newsgroups. You'd think that if the person could read the book they're talking about, they could at the very least spell. I do understand how your fingers can fly too fast and you end up misplacing a letter or two. I've typed "teh" instead of "the" a time or two myself but the whole colossal thing? You don't capitalize his name but do capitalize his job and only capitalize half the title of the book? I mean, c'mon people, use your brain, it's not hard and can be lots of fun! The other one, I'd wonder if she's misspelling the word in her signature on purpose if her posts weren't just as bad.

Okay, done ranting. I feel a little better, how 'bout you? lol And yes, I'm thinking of leaving that one newsgroup.


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Dec. 10th, 2005 10:34 am (UTC)
lol! I see what you mean.

I'm on this French SF community and the mods insist on us typing fully and correctly every word. And I think it's actually a good thing. There's this whole debate in Fance about how our youngsters will never learn to write French properly because of internet and text messages on cell phones, on which you write phonetically... some say that you first need to know *how* the word is actually written before trying to transform it, those people aren't too worried obviously... I disagree... France has alarming numbers regarding illetracy and not because of its immigrants but because of the way the educational system is!

Back to internet... maybe some are more laxist when it comes to their mother tongue... I've been told that foreigners speak better (grammatically speaking of course) than most natives... *shrugs*
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