James (katsurian) wrote,

MythOS by Kelly McCullough

This is #4 in the Ravirn series.
Some gods just can't get with the program...
In the twenty-first century, magic has advanced with the times and gone digital. Ravirn-umteenth great-grandson of one of the three Fates-is a talented sorcerer, a computer hacker extraordinaire, and in the process of becoming a minor demigod. His best friend and familiar is both a goblin and a laptop, changing from one shapte to the other as needed.
While repairing Necessity (the badly broken sentient computer that runs the multiverse), Ravirn is thrown into a very different place: a parallel world where the Greek gods are only a myth. This strange realm is ruled by the Norse pantheon-Odin, Thor, and other fun-loving brutes-and their magic uses a completely different operating system. A system that Ravirn will have to hack if he ever wants to get out of Asgard alive...
I'm not as familiar with the Norse mythology as the Greeks and so I learned a few things and must remember to look up some others! :D Cant' wait to see what happens next!

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