James (katsurian) wrote,

The Chocolate Snowman Murders by JoAnna Carl

This is #8 in The Chocoholic mystery series. JoAnna Carl is a pseudonym of Eve K. Sandstrom.
The luxury chocolate business isn't always sweet, but Lee McKinney Woodyard tries to draw the line at cold-blooded murder.
The much anticipated Winter Arts Festival is here in the west Michigan town of Warner Pier. As treasurer of WinterFest, Lee is up to her elbows in behind-the-scenes arguments and mix-ups. When the guest juror for the art show turns up drunk, Lee leaves him to sleep it off - only to find out the next day that someone's put the visiting dignitary into a permanent state of repose.
The last people spotted near the crime scene - Lee and her hubby, Joe - are in a sticky situation. After another murder and a run-in with a deadly snowman, it's up to them to find the real killer before someone else comes to a bitter end.
No recipes with this series but lots of interesting chocolate trivia.

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