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Thicker Than Water finished

I just finished #8 Thicker Than Water by Rett MacPherson. I rate it an 8. When genealogist Torie O’Shea returns home to New Kassell, Missouri, from a vacation in Minnesota, she finds two surprises: First, her mother-in-law is coming to town, and second, her mentor and boss, Silvia, has finally passed away at the age of 102. Grief-stricken and further distressed by her mother-in-law’s unannounced visit, Torie is dumbstruck when she learns that Sylvia has left all her worldly possessions to Torie, including the Gaheimer House, the site of the local historical society. With gigantic boxes of artifacts and paperwork dating back to the 1920s to sort through, Torie is quite overwhelmed.
In cleaning out Sylvia’s things, she finds something strange: an old postcard from the late twenties, addressed to Sylvia, with a photograph of a little girl on the front and an ominous message on the back. Torie quickly becomes determined to uncover the truth behind the mysterious photograph. Who is the little girl? And where was the photograph taken? Unable to make sense of her discovery, Torie finds that her suspicions deepen when she learns that Sylvia hired a private detective and installed a security system just prior to her death. Was Sylvia’s death natural or intentional? As Torie resolves to find out the truth, she learns hat some of the people in her town are not necessarily what they appear to be, and it becomes clear that somebody wants her to be silenced.
Filled with the intricate plots and engaging characters that have come to characterize Rett MacPherson’s mysteries, Thicker Than Water is a fascinating story that promises to delight fans and newcomers alike.

I'm currently reading Deborah Adam's book All the Blood Relations which is turning out much better than I expected after the last two of her books. And now that I've looked it up, this wasn't suppose to be in the TBR pile until after I've found and read #5. This one is #6. Oh well, I'm going to finish it now!

Speaking of good and bad books, I'm going to have to come up with a better rating system! Either that or I've been reading a lot of very good books lately! Let's see:
10 - A book I'll definely be reading again and recommending to everyone. I couldn't stop reading it even though it kept me up way past my bedtime!
9 - A book I'll be know I'll be reading again and recommending to everyone.
8 - A book I'll be reading again and probably recommending to friends.
7 - A book I'll probably be reading again.
6 - A book that's either part of a series or by an author that I enjoyed reading.
5 - An average book, middle of the road, take it or leave it.
4 - A not very good book
3 - A lousy book, Why did I choose to finish this?
2 - This was so bad I couldn't finish it.
1 - I tossed this one away it was so bad.

There's only 3 or 4 books I can remember not finishing: The first book in The Faded Sun trilogy by C. J. Cherryh and the second book in The Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin were two that I got half way through and tossed, I couldn't read them any more. The second book in Annie Griffin's series I also tossed but I hadn't started it yet. I just didn't care for the characters and the second book looked like a replay of the first so the series wasn't worth reading (to me); though I did like the series she wrote under her real name. The first book in Jill Churchill's Jane Jeffrey's series was another book I put away though this one was more because I was tired of reading mysteries at the time. I've always meant to pick it back up and try it again but haven't gotten around to it yet. You know - so many books, so little time.


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Dec. 11th, 2005 10:07 am (UTC)
GRR Martin
What was it in a Game of Thrones that you didn't like...

I agree with the fact that as far as the world and the general plot is concerned, there's nothing really new... what was refreshing was the lack of magic or so to speak. Magic replaced by psychology. I think that's what I like best about Martin's GoT, its characterization. Don't get me wrong, I love magic but some others can just make you regretn it lol ex: Katherine Kurtz and her Deryni series.
Dec. 11th, 2005 07:00 pm (UTC)
Re: GRR Martin
Hmm, fantasy books with no magic. The only one I can think of right now is Mindy Klasky’s Glasswrights series. Have you read them? From Apprentice to Master in 5 easy books! lol The first book is The Glasswrights’ Apprentice and the last being The Glasswrights' Master with Progress, Jouneyman & Test in between!

I’ve had Kurtz’s Deryni series on my TBR list for ages but haven’t gotten around to reading them. Is this a good thing and should I erase them from my list?

As for Martin, it’s been more than 6 years since I attempted to read his books. I had been reading a lot of fantasy books and you’re right, the world and general plot was very similar to other fantasy books of that type. It made the books very predictable. Also, his writing style was slow. I was slogging through the book at half (or less) of my normal reading speed, which is very frustrating to me. I think 2 weeks is the longest it’s taken me to read a solitary book (while continuing to read other books, of course) and that’s when I read it exclusively at work (until the last 100 pages when I just had to finish it!) I read the first book (which is books 1 & 2 over there, right?) and got partway through the second A Clash of Kings (which will be 3 & 4, yes?) when I decided not to finish it. I don’t want to spoil the series for you so I won’t go into details but basically, I disliked how the story was turning out and decided not to waste any further time on a series I didn’t like.
Dec. 11th, 2005 09:23 pm (UTC)
Re: GRR Martin
I’ve had Kurtz’s Deryni series on my TBR list for ages but haven’t gotten around to reading them. Is this a good thing and should I erase them from my list?

I was bored throughout the 200-300 pages of the first book... I was eager for the story to start and when it did, for it to be over lol! no, I mean that it's not bad but I had heard so much about it (how good the characterization was, the plot and everything!) that I was disappointed. Maybe I'll give the second book a try someday, the first is I think, more of an introduction (Prince Kelson's accession to the throne) and perhaps the series gets better afterwards. But I really didn't like the way magic was used in that first book; it didn't seem natural or realistic (well as far as magic can be realistic but you know what I mean?*shrugs*) but rather unrefined and a bit weird. Magic is at the core of the book and it could've been interesting because Kurtz opposes magic to religion and it reminded me a bit of The Mists of Avalon in that sense. But magic is never really explained... from what I remember it happens through a series of chantings I think but it was never explained whether there was some kind of rules, if Kelson could invent some of his own yada, yada... My memories from the book are a little confused, it's been a while since I've read it.
Give it a try someday, with you reading speed it'll take you 10 minutes tops lol! Some people really love that series... maybe it's just me.

I gotta find a job during which I can read too lol!!!
Dec. 12th, 2005 01:02 pm (UTC)
I gotta find a job during which I can read too lol!!!
Two 10-15 minute breaks and a half hour lunch; an extra break if we have enough people that know what to do when something breaks down (doesn’t happen often enough! ha-ha)

I read between 50 - 90 pages an hour; mysteries being faster whereas SF/F I’m trying to learn a new world, culture, religion, etc. and it slows me down considerably.

Maybe I’ll check Kurtz’s books out from the library someday but I also like magical systems with clearly defined rules. Magic requires energy and the energy has to come from somewhere whether it’s from inside or outside your self. If inside, you will tire yourself out; if outside, you’ll drain whatever resource you’re using.
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