James (katsurian) wrote,

All the Blood Relations finished

I just finished #6 All the Blood Relations by Deborah Adams. I rate it a 7. For Meredith Bradley - Jesus Creek's most successful businesswoman - life has been no bed of roses. Even though she's the proprietor of The Back Door Florist shop. Now, while other Jesus Creekers are partying at the grand opening of her daughter-in-law's New Age tea room, Meredith Bradley is murdered.
Who did it? And why? Warmhearted Kay Martin hasn't a clue. Perhaps Meredith's illegitimate daughter is the culprit. Perhaps members of the mysterious Brotherhood of Strength. Or one of the mayor's extraterrestrial friends. With Chief Reb Gassler gone fishing and the rest of the J.C.P.D. a tad short on brains, Kay has a hard row to hoe, especially since she'd do anything to help the bereaved family. Anything at all. Except cover for a killer...

I'm currently reading Christopher Priest's The Prestige.
I'm also looking forward to rereading Green Rider and First Rider's Call now that I have an excuse! lol
Tags: 2005, deborah adams

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