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October books

It seems I forgot to post my October book list last month so I'm going to post it now and November's tomorrow since it's getting too late for me.

William G. Tapply Dark Tiger The 3rd Stoney Calhoun mystery. He's a fishing and hunting guide in the Maine woods. I rated it a 5.

John Sandford Rough Country The 3rd book in the Virgil Flowers series, a spinoff of his Lucas Davenport "Prey" books. He's a Minnesota cop who gets all the hard cases. I rated it a 5.

Kathy Reichs Devil Bones, 206 Bones The 11th and 12th books in the Temperance Brennan series. This series is the source of the television show "Bones." She's a forensic anthropologist on Montreal and South Carolina. I rated them both a 5.

Joanne Fluke Cream Puff Murder, Plum Pudding Murder The 11th and 12th books in the Hannah Swenson series. She's a cookie baker in Minnesota. Books include recipes I want to try. I rated them a 5.

Kim Harrison Unbound An anthology of short stories by several different authors, mainly featuring a supporting character in their series. I rated it a 5 though there are 1 or 2 stories that I didn't care for in the book.

Science Fiction
Steve White & Shirley Meier Exodus This is the 5th book in the Starfire series written by Steve White and David Weber and is set about 80 years into the future from the last book. And yes, I also rated it a 5.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch Diving Into the Wreck A nonseries book from this Oregon author. I rated it a 5.
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