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November books

Novembers reading list

Katherine Hall Page The Body in the Sleigh This is #18 in the Faith Fairchild series. She's a minister's wife and caterer in Massachusetts and includes recipes. Rated 5.

Marcia Muller Locked In This is #28 in the Sharon McCone series. She owns her own detective agency in San Francisco. Rated 5.

JoAnna Carl The Chocolate Snowman Murders This is #7 in A Chocoholics Mystery. Lee McKinney works for her aunt in a Chocolate Shop in Michigan. Rated 5.

Charlaine Harris Grave Secrets This is #4 in the Harper Connelly series. Harper was struck by lightning and can now talk to dead people. Rated 5.

Alex Archer Paradox This is #21 in the Rogue Angel series. Annja Creed, archeologist and inheritor of Joan of Arc's sword, continues to fight evil wherever she goes. Rated 5.

Jocelyn Drake Dayhunter, Dawnbreaker These are #2 & 3 in the Dark Days novels. Mira is a one-of-a-kind vampire in that she can control fire. She's involved in helping to stop the Naturi from coming back to destroy all living beings on the Earth. Rated 5

Rachel Caine Fade Out This is #7 in The Morgansville Vampires. Claire Daniels still survives in this Texas college town that is run by vampires. Rated 5.

Kelly McCullough MythOS This is #4 in the Ravirn series. Ravirn, a many times great-grandson of one of the Greek Fates and computer hacker extraordinaire, is transported to another universe where the Operating System is Norse instead of Greek. Rated 5.

Science Fiction
Mike Shepherd aka Mike Monroe Kristine Longknife: Undaunted This is #7 in the Kris Longknife series. She's one of those Longknifes and trouble just seems to follow her around. Fortunately, she's very good at extricating herself. Rated 5.
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