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Today & Tomorrow

The plans I had for today changed. Mom was bringing Cody and Kainoa over while she went through the Christmas presents that she has stored at my house so I spent some time setting up all my Hot Wheels tracks for the boys to play with. I have the loop set up one way with the jump set up another so that the car jumps through the loop. Then I have the double track set up for a race course. Then Mom calls this morning and says she forgot she has to read at the school this morning for Kaui'lani's class so she can't make it today after all. To make a long story short, she's bringing them over tomorrow. But she wasn't suppose to just drop them off while she went off to another appointment. I don't babysit! I guess I do now, huh? And when is she going through the presents? lol
So I went Christmas shopping today instead of tomorrow. Argh. Ugh. Everything I was going to get, nobody has. What's up with that? I still got 7 done! 6 to go, and the rest get gift certificates...maybe, unless I get a total brainstorm!
Now I'm going to finish the last of my casserole and try to talk myself into some baking! I need to finish off the eggs...Cookies! Brownies! Gingerbread cake!

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