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Feb. books

Here it is almost the Ides of March - BEWARE! Beware! beware! - and once again I'm behind on books. Also a book shy again for last month but it WAS a short month. Another couple of days and I would have made it! haha

Only ONE science fiction book this month so I shall start with it!
Eric Flint, Dave Freer The Sorceress of Karres This is the 3rd book in a series started by a book by James H. Schmitz called The Witches of Karres.
Join Goth, Maleen, and the Leewit, along with Captain Pausert as they continue their adventures throughout the far reaches of space in the Empire. I'm sure hoping for another book in this series! It's great.

Julie Hyzy Eggsecutive Orders The 3rd White House Chef mystery. Kind of a slow start for me but picked up nicely. She's starting a new series so I don't know if there will be more of these or not.

Robert Crais Chasing Darkness, The First Rule Numbers 12 and 13 in the Elvis Cole, Joe Pike series. Both very engrossing but more thriller than mystery in my opinion.

Shirley Damsgaard The Seventh Witch is the 7th book in the Ophelia and Abby series. They're visiting family in North Carolina and an old family feud reignites with Abby's return to her childhood home.

Linda O. Johnston Howl Deadly #8 in the Kendra Ballantyne, pet-sitter mystery. A wolf disappears from a wildlife sanctuary and a caretaker is found dead not long after. Plus, the dead caretaker was somehow involved in her boyfriend's hush-hush military past.

Philip Margolin Executive Decision Stand alone novel, not part of his Amanda Jaffe series. The President of the United States is under suspicion of murder! Added bonus, he's a local author! :)

Julie Wray Herman Three Dirty Women and the Bitter Brew This is #2 in the Three Dirty Women series. Got this from Mom. Didn't realize it wasn't #1 until after I was at work.
Three women run a landscape business in Savannah, Georgia. Falls a bit into the humorous side of cozies. If I run across another one, I'll probably pick it up.

Mary Stanton (aka Claudia Bishop) Avenging Angels #3 in Beaufort & Company series. It's another book based in Savannah. The new ghostly client Brianna is preparing to defend did not commit suicide. The person responsible for his death would prefer much for her NOT to continue her investigations and really has nothing to lose in stopping her. Good but strange.


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