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No time to read.

I just had 2 days off and I don't think I read more than 25 pages total. I slept about 12 hours Sunday (what a waste of a day off), got up and started setting up the hot wheels tracks for the 2 boys (Kainoa's 3 and Cody's 4) Mom was bringing over to play at Uncle James' house. lol Usually I go over there so this was a big deal to them. Got everything setup, cleaned up and ready to go just before Mom calls and says she can't make it after all. We changed the visit to Tuesday during her dr. visit so I spent Monday Christmas shopping, then cleaning up the library. (Still not done with that but I need to build another bookcase and it's much too cold to work out in the garage right now!)

So Tuesday Mom calls at 8 AM and asks if I'm ready for the boys.
I said, Yes.
She replies, "Good, we're in your driveway."
"What would you have done if I'd said no?" I asked.
"Sit in your driveway until you were ready" was her answer.
*shakes head* go figure. lol So I spent 4 hours playing hot wheels, having a nerf ball war, playing more cars, a little hide and go seek, more cars. They like cars!

Wednesday, after work - more Christmas shopping! Almost done now! Stopped off and said Happy Birthday to Grandpa. Visited with them for a while.

Today was laundry and baking day! I did get down to the Library and pick up Starship Troopers (both the book, the movie and the movie sequel).

Tomorrow is a 12 hour day at work. Looks like we'll get off about 12 PM and I'll have to be back at 11 PM that night. No rest for the weary.

But I really, really want to finish this book. :) It's too bad I can't split myself in half and be in two places at once! Bwahahahaha It's the evil side. O-okaaay, maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. We can rebuild him...make him faster, stronger, better than before; wait a minute - that's The Six Million Dollar Man. Oops.
Try spending a little less time on the computer, huh? lol

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