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Yard work

6 hours of yard work today - I hope it doesn't kill me tomorrow.
I took 640 pounds of yard debris into the landfill and learned why you should never, ever compact the yard debris down into the bed of the truck. (After filling the truck bed, I climbed in back and stomped it down so I could add more). Did that about 4 or 5 times and then when I went to the landfill - I couldn't get them out! I also did something strange to my finger that gave me a good scare. I took a good firm hold of way too many branches and pulled them off the back of the truck and when I went to reach for more noticed the middle finger of my left hand was still bent in towards my palm. I pushed it straight - it didn't hurt at all - but when I let go it bent right back in towards my palm. I ended up twisting it all sorts of ways trying to get it to work right, heard a loud pop, and then it was fine. Didn't hurt at all but I guess it's a good thing it didn't happen to the other three fingers instead of the middle one. haha Hey, Doc, I've got a problem. *holds up middle finger* I can't unbend my fingers. Must have knocked something out of whack but I have no clue what since it didn't hurt at all. Weird.

I butchered 4 of the shrubs I'm keeping and took out one of the evergreen bushes I didn't want. And yes, I did mean butchered and not trimmed. I had one that stood 12 feet high and it is now about 5 feet tall. The other 3 weren't near as tall but I cut them down in the same fashion. I just hope I didn't kill 'em! The poor things look almost naked.
I still have 2 more evergreens to take out (where I'm going to put my patio swing), and a 6 foot row of them plus one other type of bush that needs trimmed and I'll be ready to rent the bobcat for that section of the front yard.
I have 2 bushes and a couple of I-don't-know-what-they-are-but-they're-a-pain to take out on the other side of the driveway and I'll be about ready for the bobcat on that side. Oh, and move the mailbox. That's where the camper pad will go. I took down the basketball hoop this morning but not the pole. I may leave that up and see if I can attach my pirate flag to it. lol

I'm still working on the hedges on the south side. Most of the blackberries bushes are out of there but I still have maple saplings to remove and then I can trim the hedges down to fence level.

I still need to call the arborist on the 3 trees in back (apple, cherry, and pear) that definitely need topped and possible removed. The pear is the only one that had fruit last year.

I still don't know what to do about that hillside. It slopes steeply down away from the house to the fenceline and right now is completely covered in blackberry bushes.

And since it's supposed to rain through tomorrow now, I may just rearrange my living room tomorrow...if I can still move! haha

Oh, and my truck weighs 5,780 pounds with me in it! Now I need to stop by a truck scale with the camper on it and find out just how overloaded my 3/4 ton pickup is when I go camping.


Jul. 2nd, 2010 12:29 am (UTC)
Ouuuuch. Even though you said it doesn't hurt (and made me giggle), STILL. Fingers don't BEND that way!

That is too bad that your fruit trees are not bearing fruit anymore. I hope the arborist can fix things. (How do you find an arborist? Do you call the university extension program or do you just look up "arborist" in the yellow pages?")

Six hours is a long time to spend in the heat!
Jul. 2nd, 2010 01:09 am (UTC)
Fingers do bend that way (in a fist except for that first joint) but they are supposed to naturally straighten out in a relaxed position. Yep! not MY pointing finger, like Dad and RS. haha

The pear is the only one that gets much sunlight. The other 2 get blocked by either the neighbor's towering trees or my house. One's covered in fungus and the other in ivy.
Either Arborist or Tree Service in the yellow pages. In my case, I have the number of the one my parents used at their place.

Not much heat today. Overcast and relatively cool. It may have hit 70 while I was out there and it tried to rain on the way back from the landfill. I have still gone through 6 liters of water already today though!

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