James (katsurian) wrote,

Don't bother reading the instructions...

...just go by the illustrations.
The instructions read: "Screw in all 16 camlocks (K) into the end leg frames (D) and the underside of the top piece (A)." I pushed the 4 camlocks into the leg frames but the holes in the top piece were not the right size for camlocks. So I go to the Parts page and the camlocks are listed as "J", not "K". "K" was cambolts, which do indeed screw into the holes on the top piece as well as the end legs. It didn't take long to put together after that.

This morning I went for a short sixty minute hike through Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge.

I parked by the Oaks Amusement Park entrance and hiked through the woods to where it branches off to the north parking lot (where I park when I stop for a quick hike on the way home from work) or down to the 40 mile bike loop. I went down to the 40 mile bike loop because it loops back to where my truck was parked! Sadly, it didn't start to sprinkle until I was driving back home. :( And now the sun is out once again.

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