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Saddle Mountain

Yesterday's hike was 20 miles from Seaside at Saddle Mountain. There was a forecast of sunny skies so the view should be terrific! Starting at an elevation of 1680 feet above sea level, the trail climbs to 3283 feet in a 2.5 mile challenging hike. (and I have to admit I'm a bit sore today)

The trail starts with a sign

For those who don't want to try the full rigors of a challenging hike, there's a shorter .2 mile moderate hike to a viewpoint of Humbug Mountain.

Just because it's a narrow trail with a drop off on the right does NOT make it a moderate trail...

this last little bit up to the viewpoint, however, does! Going up wasn't much of a problem since you can use your hands but coming down...yikes! A couple of those steps were very high.

The view was nice. This, I think, is Humbug Mountain.

and this is Saddle Mountain.

Not quite high enough yet to see the Pacific Ocean but it's just over that last set of hills.

Back on the main trail

Tired? But we're not even halfway there yet! Well, here's a nice resting spot.

Uh oh, a washed out trail. But not a problem...

just cut a log in half and put them side by side for a nice sturdy bridge.

Wild flowers

And we come to the tree line. Here comes the sun!

I thought we were supposed to climb 1600 feet? Looks like we have to go down and then back up again. Are they counting that too? I don't think so.

Here's a nice view of Mt. Ranier. It's about 150 miles away...

longer if you drive! Close up of Mt. Ranier

This one's hard to see without going full size but that's Mt. Ranier again in the middle and Mt. St. Helens off to the far right.

Here's how they keep the trail from washing out - wrap it up in fencing and spike it down deep into the ground.

When you get to the top on a clear day, here's your first view of the Pacific Ocean.

The town of Seaside right along the ocean.

Natural occurrence? I don't think so.

It's crop circles! and another view of Seaside.

Lastly, it's the city of Astoria and the mouth of the mighty Columbia River meeting the Pacific Ocean.

Out of the 5 liters of water I took with me, I came home with 1 and I drank it and more that evening!


(Deleted comment)
Oct. 2nd, 2010 02:37 am (UTC)
I did indeed. :D
The only thing missing was a hiking partner but then I don't have weekends off either so I'm kind of used to that. :)

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