James (katsurian) wrote,

Silver Creek Falls

With a record rainfall earlier this week and two days with over an inch of rain, I thought that this would be a great time to hike the 8 mile loop and view the waterfalls around Silver Creek. How little did I know...
The digital display in Silverton read 32 degrees, right at the freezing level, so I knew the trails might be icy.

Candy Cane Lane

I inadvertently timed it perfectly. The sun was hitting the spray from South Falls to make rainbows!

After walking behind South Falls, I'm carefully making my way down the paved, wet path whoosh, wet to icy in one step and I'm sliding, trying to maintain my balance and to stop sliding downhill along the path. Not having the greatest sense of balance in the world - remember my one ice skating attempt? haha - after a few feet I fell on my left hip and shoulder but continued sliding down the icy trail another fifteen feet. That was where the trail curved to the left. I didn't. I went straight, rolling down the muddy, green, stick and plant filled embankment towards the freezing cold rushing water. Stopped halfway down, climbed back up and slowly made my way along the side of the trail down to where the pavement (and ice) ended. There's the first half mile - seven and a half miles to go!
No phone or camera was damaged during this hike though I can't say as much for my coat. But it already had a small hole ripped in it from the blackberry vines on a previous hike last spring on an overgrown trail. My left shoulder is sore, probably bruised, from where I landed on it but it will heal better than the coat. haha

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