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Christmas is almost here

I got burned yesterday. We had that little Winter Wonderland going Sunday through Tuesday. Monday I was working on the Christmas List for this year. I wrapped up the presents I had already bought then figured out who was giving who. (I always make a joke present for someone. Last year and this year too what i do is: wrap up the person's present, put their name on it, put it in another box, wrap that up, put someone else's name on it, put that in a box, wrap it up, and put someone else's name on it. You should see all these kids gathered 'round in a circle trying to give a present to someone else while that person is trying to give away the present they've got in their hands. Not to mention that they're trying to get the next present meant for them! It's a total riot!)
I had it all listed on the computer, all three sets of boxes but I didn't save the file before the power went out. I lost it all. I haven't gotten around to getting the battery backup yet so now I have to do it all over again! Plus I find out that I'm suppose to do a treasure hunt again this year. They all said that they didn't want one this year and now they've changed their minds. GRRR
Plus I don't get another day off until Christmas Eve and I've got to get some sleep that day before everyone descends upon me. So let's see, I've got to:
1. Clean house
2. Bake 3 double batches of cookies (go shopping, still need the cheesecake pudding mix)
3. Finish wrapping presents (see #5)
4. Make up a treasure hunt for 8 kids
5. Finish Christmas shopping (Mom & Dad left)
6. Anything else I've forgotten to do which I'm sure there is

And I'm working every night except Sat. and it looks like Thursday is going to be a 12 hour day. Friday may be too.

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