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Book finished: The Firebird's Vengeance

I just finished #3 The Firebird’s Vengeance by Sarah Zettel. I rate it a 9.
In the magical world of Isavalta, the Firebird, a creature of frightful power, is freed when the spell imprisoning it for thirty years is broken - and it seeks revenge. With the power to ignite a great conflagration or prevent the merest spark from kindling, the vengeful creature threatens both its home, Hung Tse, and Isavalta. When Isavalta’s most powerful sorcerer is mortally wounded by the mighty bird, it falls to Bridget Lederle to lead the impending magical battle. But when a cryptic vision draws her home on Lake Superior, Bridget must make the uncertain journey through the dangerous void between worlds not only to save Isavalta, but also to find answers about her daughter’s death, her growing love for a stranger far from home, and the confusing forces she possesses but cannot control.

I'm currently reading Starship Troopers. I'm starting #1 The Decoy Princess tonight at work.
Tags: 2005, sarah zettel

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