James (katsurian) wrote,

Book Rating System

I've come up with a new 1-10 book rating system for me to use this year:

10. A book that filled me with emotions; either energized my spirits, brought tears to my eyes or sent chills down my spine. I can hardly wait for the next book by this author.
9. A book that touched my emotions. I know I’ll be reading and recommending this book.
8. A good book. It really caught my imagination.
7. A pretty good book. I liked it.
6. A book that’s either part of a series or by an author I enjoy otherwise just an okay book.
5. An average book. It was okay.
4. Not a very good book.
3. A lousy book. Why did I choose to finish it?
2. I couldn’t finish this book.
1. I tossed this book away without finishing it.

What do you think?
Tags: book rating system

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