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book finished: The Tree of Death

I just finished #1 The Tree of Death by Marcia Muller. I rate it a 6.
Elena Oliverez, curator of the new Museum of Mexican Arts in Santa Barbara, wanted her first exhibit to convey the power and subtlety of fine Chicano art. Displaying the huge, gaudy ceramic arbol de la vida - tree of life – would please the wealthy patron who donated it, but convey all the tackiness of a piñata from Tijuana. It wounded Elena’s sensibilities and her pride. And that was before it killed her boss. Lying among the smashed pottery was Frank de Palma, the man Elena locked inside the gallery when she left the night before. No one else could have entered without her key. Anglo homicide detective Lieutenant Dave Kirk called the death a murder and Elena his only suspect. Now she had to turn to another fine art: catching a talented killer who framed her with a masterpiece of crime.

I'm currently reading...nothing, having given up on Starship Troopers which was bookwyrmmes Dec. science fiction book of the month.
I'll be taking #2 The Legend of the Slain Soldiers by Marcia Muller to work with me tonight.
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