James (katsurian) wrote,

Book finished: To Ride Pegasus

I just finished #1 To Ride Pegasus by Anne McCaffrey. I rate it a 6.
Each of them was blessed - or cursed? - in some particular way with an extra sense, a unique talent, or an unusual abilitywhich made them seem frightening to the rest of the world.
Who could feel easy with a mind-reader, a precogwith someone who could teleport? Not many people, that was for sure.
And so the wild talents banded together out of necessity, both for mutual protection against a hostile world and for some warm human contact.
Then they began to train themselves for even greater power

They were extraordinary people who read minds, healed bodies, diverted disasters, foretold the future - and became pariahs in their own land.
Molly was a nurse whose hands could heal far better than most modern medical treatments.
Charity, a hooker with a heart of gold, had extrasensory skills that put her other talents to shame.
Barbara could locate a crook on the lam as easily as she could find a missing pair of glassesshe could also drive the Police Commissioner right up the wall.
Dorotea was a perfect baby in every way - and a little more perfect in some ways, since she could screen others for hidden Talents while she was still in diapers.
Amalda at 22 had the voice of an angel and the as-yet-untrained powers to broadcast emotions that could control thousandsthe wrong hands; she could become a lethal weapon.
They were the Talents - an elite cadre that had stepped out of the everyday human raceenter their own!

The title of this book, when I heard it, had me thinking “Fantasy Novel,” not Science Fiction. After all, Pegasus is a winged horse. That’s in the same realm as Unicorns, right? Well, its not! Pegasus is the icon for a group of psionic individuals who are out to save the world from disasters. No magical abilities unless you include psychic abilities as magic - oh, like Christopher Stasheff’s Warlock series, science fiction and fantasy combined! Lol This book is 4 short stories based in the same characters spaced a few years apart.

I'm currently reading #3 Beyond the Grave by Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini. Yeah, I was going to read it first. I did start it! Somewhere between Dad bringing a couple truckloads of stuff to store at my house and fixing dinner, I misplaced this book. After searching for 10 minutes in all the places I could possibly have left it, I gave up and started in on
To Ride Pegasus. During one of the interruptions while reading the book, I came across where I had laid the Marcia Muller book...in the shadows hanging off the corner of my desk behind the Inbox! Funny how you always find an item in the last place you look.
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