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Book finished: Secrets, Lies & Alibis

I just finished #1 Secrets, Lies & Alibis by Patricia H. Rushford and Harrison James. I rate it a 9. With his newly minted detective badge, "Mac" McAllister reports for his first assignment with the Oregon State Police: a particularly gruesome homicide. It's a headline case, as the victim - Megan Tyson - was brutally murdered mere weeks before her wedding.
The investigation turns up far too many suspects, and too little hard evidence. Why would the beautiful Megan, engaged to a wealthy business man, be involved with the likes of a long line-up of questionable characters that seem to be connected to her in more ways than one? With more questions than answers, Mac tries to uncover the secrets Megan took to her grave.
While the autopsy answers how Megan was killed, it doesn't reveal why or by whom. Can Mac and his partner sort through the lies and alibis before Megan's murderer strikes again?
Not sure that he can trust his instincts; Mac depends heavily on the advice of his partner - a seasoned detective with a strong faith in God. A faith Mac has no use for until he must come to terms with his own past and the secrets that haunt him.

One of the interesting things I've found in this book is the places mentioned. I know most of them (this is my city, born and raised!) and I'm sitting here saying I know exactly where that is, it's on the NE corner of 162 Ave. Not to mention, that's how I'd get there or why'd it take you so long to get over there, it's not that far. lol Did I mention that these are local authors?

I'm currently reading...ummm, oh yeah, Carol Berg's Son of Avonar but I'm starting Dead Fall, the second Patricia H. Rushford and Harrison James book, right now because I've got to find out what happens next!
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