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book finished: Terminal 9

I just finished #3 Terminal 9 by Patricia H. Rushford and Harrison James. I rate it a 10. Two dead bodies, a web of conspiracies and cover-ups, a young detective, searching for answers to the case…and to his heart.
The body of a retired wheelchair-bound rail yard worker has been discovered on the tracks near his home. A tragic accident – or murder?
Detective Antonio “Mac” McAllister and his new partner, attractive rookie Dana Bennett, suspect the worst. And their suspicions are confirmed when they encounter the complicated web of conspiracies and cover-ups that surround the case, including burglary, arson and yet another murder. Now Mac and Dana need to find the killer before he can destroy any more evidence – or take anyone else’s life.
Mac also needs answers to a personal life that is just as complicated. He still has feelings for Dana, but after a pleasant dinner with the eccentric medical examiner, he’s more confused than ever. Though as his former partner and mentor reminds him, God has the answers that Mac doesn’t – for this case, for Mac’s doubts…and for the longings of his heart.

I definitely stayed up too long finishing this book. Four hours sleep today, if I'm lucky. But oh how I wish the next book was available!

I'm currently reading Son of Avonar which has gotten really good. The first 120 pages weren't really that attention grabbing but after that I'm looking forward to finishing it up tomorrow. I also picked up the next two books in the series so I can continue with The Soul Weaver, I think, tomorrow night at work.

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