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Book finished: Son of Avonar

I just finished #1 Son of Avonar by Carol Berg. I rate it a 6. Sorcerers are the stuff of legends, used as bogeymen to frighten children. Any magic has long been scoured from the Four Realms, and to be accused of associating with a suspected sorcerer means death – or worse…
Seri is a Leiran noblewoman living in exile. She wants nothing to do with the intrigues of her royal family, the politics of power, and the unjust laws of her people. But her world is rent asunder when she shelters from Leiran soldiers a fugitive – a man with the skills of a warrior who is incapable of speech and quite possibly mad.
There is more to this stranger than meets the eye. And now Seri must help him remember who and what he is before those responsible for his condition find him…and unleash an apocalypse against the world.

The first 120 pages did not hold my attention and the next 150 pages kept switching back and forth from the present to the past. Once the back story was completed the book took off and I like it enough to continue the series with #2 Guardians of the Keep tonight at work. I've read the first chapter and the story continues where it left off in #1.

I'm not sure what I'm going to start next. Either Patricia H. Rushford's Angel Delaney series (3 books) or another Library book. I'm thinking the single Library book tomorrow and I'll read the series on my weekend!

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