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Book finished: As Good As Dead

I just finished #3 As Good As Dead by Patricia H. Rushford. I rate it a 9. A private detective + a missing brother + a notorious crime family = a deadly mix.
When Angel Delaney’s father dies, her family gathers to pay their last respects…all except one, her brother Luke, who mysteriously disappeared six years ago. As a private investigator, Angel has often thought about trying to find her brother, but she reasoned her way out of it time and time again. Now, as her family comes together, Angel’s investigative instincts tell her that Luke may be closer than anyone thinks. And this time, she can’t ignore her gut.
So without her family’s knowledge, Angel begins investigating Luke’s mysterious disappearance and his apparent connection with a high-profile Mafia family. Angel can’t believe her brother is a criminal, but her search for the truth takes her on an adventure across state lines and into the lives of more than a few suspicious characters. When a family friend is shot and a rash of violence claims more victims, Angel realizes she’s unwittingly stumbled into a web of danger he likes of which she’s never faced before.
Has Angel gone too far this time?

I have really enjoyed both the McAllister Files and the Angel Delaney series and look forward to more books in both series.

I'm currently reading Guardians of the Keep by Carol Berg and will be starting the last Patricia H. Rushford book that I have, a non-series book entitled Sins of the Mother. And may I say that it was quite a shock that while looking this book up on her website to find 2 blinking eyes just like my default icon staring back at me from the webpage!
In looking over the website, I've found a book I don't have that has the same character as Sins of the Mother entitled Morningsong with a publishing date 5 years earlier than this one so I'll be putting this one back on the shelf until I've read Morningsong. Just as well, though; three books within 24 hours is a bit much any more.
And as I'm looking at the almost identical reviews for Morningsong, which is listed as Romantic Suspense and Sins of the Mother, which is just listed as Suspense I took a look at the copyright page and after all this runaround: Morningsong is the original title of Sins of the Mother so I can read it after all! After a long walk and a bit of sleep!

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