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Book finished: Sins of the Mother

I just finished Sins of the Mother by Patricia H. Rushford. I rate it a 9. Popularity and fame have created a glimmering façade in Shanna O’Brian’s world, but when the spotlight fades, the darkness of reality sets in. Even after her mother’s mysterious death, Shanna still lives in the shadow of her control and must bear the consequences of her destructive choices.
When the beloved father figure who fashioned her music career suddenly dies, Shanna begins a desperate attempt to reclaim possession of a life she’s too often surrendered to others. And this means severing ties with Joshua Morgan, her ex-husband and the man who is now in control of her music career. But her search for self-discovery leads her right into the hands of the men who killed her mother. What she doesn’t know threatens not only her hope for happiness but her very life.
Can the mayhem surrounding Shanna be resolved despite her fledgling faith in herself, her God, and the man determined to redeem her trust?

The original title is Morningsong.

I'm currently reading Guardians of the Keep by Carol Berg but still just at work. I'm heading over to Borders with coupons that have to be used up and then I'll know better what I'll be reading next!

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